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Road Sweeper Hire in London & South East England

Professional Road Sweeping Services for Private & Business clients across London & Surrounding Counties

Available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week

Professionally Trained, Fully Insured & Licensed Operators

Large Fleet of High-Tech Machines

CHAS® Accredited Contractors

What We Offer

SupaSweep provides professional Road Sweeping & Surface Cleaning Services to a range of clients across the Construction, Industrial, Commercial and Events sectors throughout London and the South East of England.

No matter the industry, hiring a Road Sweeper is the perfect solution for cleaning and removing waste and debris from any site, including:

  • Roads

  • Motorways

  • Car Parks

  • Runways / Airports

  • Ports or Docklands

  • Drains & Gullys

  • Stadiums, Festivals, Events

  • Industrial Sites / Business Parks

  • Fairgrounds, Attractions

  • Housing Developments

  • Construction Sites

From Road Sweeping & Jet Washing, to Dust Compression & Gully Sucking, we provide a speedy, quality service to all our clients in London & surrounding counties including Local Authorities and Highway Agencies, cleaning urban & rural roads, motorways, runways and car parks as well as construction and development sites.

Whether you need a one-off hire, or a long or short term contract, the team at SupaSweep delivers safe, compliant and reliable road sweeping services every day of the week to our customers and communities.

Using the latest in Road Sweeping technology, our large fleet of road sweeping machines are all less than 3 years old and can sweep for longer to gather & clear both wet and dry waste with ease, including dust, oil spills, dirt and water, leaving your site clean and looking great.

Why Choose SupaSweep?

Modern, Fully Equipped Machines

All of our trucks are equipped with the latest and best-in-class features such as high-pressure water jets, fan and pencil-jet sprays for cleaning and dust compression plus reverse cameras, sensors and sound alarms for safety and to ensure all drivers have a full vision of the road.

Caring for the Environment

Supasweep care for the environment and dispose of all waste collected using environmentally friendly methods. The water recirculation feature on our road sweepers not only provides extended sweeping shifts but can also save up to 900 litres of water per day.

One of the Largest Fleets in the UK

As one of the leading Road Sweeping companies in London & the South East of England, we also boast one of the largest fleets of Johnston, Volvo and DAF Road Sweeping Machines which gives us the resources to serve customers far and wide, whatever their requirements.

Available 24/7
365 days a year

Our Road Sweepers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for long or short term contract hire and to any business or private client. 

Did you know we have Depots strategically placed throughout the UK

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The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Clients

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''As a local business owner, we rely on our parking areas to always look clean and safe, The SupaSweep team is professional and prompt, making our partnership seamless."

Lyla Rosen

Local Business Owner

''After our festivals in Aylesbury, we rely on the Supa Sweep crew to swiftly clear away the mess, leaving our streets clean and ready for the next event. Their reliability and efficiency are second to none."

Ben Dersler

Head of Event Planning, DXE

" It's wonderful to see our local neighbourhoods, like Downley and Castlefield, maintain their charm thanks to their efforts."

Ryan Fry

Resident, Bromley



  • How much does it cost to hire a Road Sweeper?
    Pricing depends on the size of the job, number of trucks required, location and the services required. Please contact us for a free quote.
  • Is road sweeping only for municipalities, or can businesses and homeowners benefit from it too?
    Road sweeping services are available to municipalities, businesses, industrial facilities, and homeowners alike. Anyone with paved areas can benefit from road sweeping to maintain cleanliness, safety, and compliance with local regulations.
  • Can road sweeping help prevent drainage issues?
    Yes, road sweeping can help prevent drainage problems by removing leaves and debris that can clog storm drains and gutters. Regular sweeping reduces the risk of flooding and improves overall drainage efficiency.
  • How do I hire a road sweeper?
    You can hire a Supa Sweep road sweeper by contacting our team on 0800 047 5844 or emailing Alternatively you can fill out our contact form and one of our team will call you to discuss. We will provide you with an estimate for the service and arrange for a road sweeper to be sent to your desired location.
  • Are there any restrictions or permits required for road sweeping services in my area?
    Regulations and permit requirements can vary by location. It's essential to check with your local authorities to determine if permits are needed for road sweeping and if there are any restrictions on when and where you can perform the service.
  • How much does road sweeping cost, and is it cost-effective?
    The cost of road sweeping services depends on factors like the area's size, the frequency of service, and the level of debris. While it has a cost, road sweeping is generally considered cost-effective due to its long-term benefits, such as reduced maintenance expenses and improved aesthetics.
  • Can road sweeping services be customised to meet specific needs?
    Yes, Supa Sweep offer customisable services to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need one-time cleaning or a recurring schedule, we can tailor the service to fit your needs.
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